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At a wedding, it is important to choose the maid-of-honor and best man wisely.

It’s an important job.


Usually, these two roles are the closest siblings or best friends of the couple.

We say their roles are crucial because they do not only help in all the wedding preparations, but they also give out a toast to the newlyweds. It must be someone who knows them by heart.

Nick del Bono had a unique choice for his best man.

He asked his 7-year-old son.

And like most best men, young Vincent delivered a speech for his dad and his lovely bride, Lauren. There was no hint of any jitters whatsoever.

He went to the center and grabbed the microphone.

He delivered a 3-page speech.

He introduced himself to the crowd and immediately got them laughing.

The little guy knows how to tickle his audience with some ‘fun facts’ about his dad.

Vincent told them some of his dad’s tricks, like flicking deodorant balls at Lauren, scaring her while she’s in the shower, and stinking the entire apartment.

That sent the entire room laughing.


His father and Lauren laughed hardest.

Aside from all the jokes, Vincent told the crowd that what made Lauren his dad’s perfect match was that she was a good sport and hung out with the boy.

Nick didn’t know his son’s speech would be brutally honest, and that’s the best part.

With all the funny comments and jokes his son told the crowd that night, Vincent shared the most heartwarming thing about his father.

He started by sharing how his dad has the biggest muscles among all the other fathers in his class.

The crowd laughed at this without knowing where it was heading.

Then it took a turn.


A father fit for a superhero

Vincent went on to say that his father’s hunky figure made him think he was a superhero. But he doesn’t care if he is a real superhero or not because, for him, he is his superhero.

Then, he went on enumerating his fathers ‘superpowers’:

“He takes care of me when I’m sick. He reads me stories every night before bed. He taught me how to ski. He taught me how to throw a baseball. He teaches me how to have good manners. He’s at every single game of mine. And he can always make me laugh. But most of all, he loves me.”

This sent everyone to tears.

Who wouldn’t, right?


He went on telling the people all the good qualities of his father. He shared to the crowd that when his father told him he’d be his best man, he had no idea what a best man was. But when he knew, it all made sense to him.

A best man is the groom’s best friend.

And that’s who he is to his dad.


“Every real superhero needs a sidekick – that’s me. And every TRUE superhero needs a pretty girl by his side – that’s Lauren. In my opinion, we make an unstoppable team.”

But he didn’t end there.


He said that he was happy that Nick and Lauren finally got married to finally have what he wished for: a little brother.

Vincent gave an outstanding speech, and he got a big hug from his superhero for that.

See Vincent’s speech in all of its touching hilarity below!

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