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Sometimes the best part of hearing a joke is the delivery rather than the joke itself. In the case of The Best Farm Joke Ever, this is exactly what makes it so good!

Once you watch the video, you’ll realize maybe it’s not necessarily the best farm joke ever, but watching the father, daughter pair try to work out exactly how it goes is hilarious!


As soon as the daughter says,

This is one of my dad’s favorite jokes. So a guy walks in with a big under his arm,”

her dad is already cracking up! Both start to feed off each other’s energy, making telling the joke a bit difficult for them.

The daughter gets through most of the joke when her dad stops her and starts to tell it the exact way.

He stops at the same place as she did and is stumped as to what comes next.


Finally, they realize they mixed up what animal is supposed to be under the guy’s arm. Switching from a pig to a duck, they can finish the joke together.

In the correct form, the joke goes, a guy walks into his house with a duck under his arm and says,

“this is the pig I was telling you about.” His wife says, “that’s a duck.” And the husband says, “I was talking to the duck.”

This is a dad joke at its finest! To everyone else, it’s a decent joke, but to the dad telling it, it’s the funniest thing in the world!

And we can totally see this guy pulling this joke out at the family dinner table to tell for the hundredth time.

And no matter how many times he’s told it, the whole family still laughs!

After they get to the punch line, both of them are in full belly laughter, the dad’s face reddening as he chuckles, and the daughter unable to keep herself from giggling.


Admittedly, this is definitely not the best farm joke, which the channel, Growing America, says in the description of the video.

But this father, daughter pair tells it as if it really is the funniest joke of all time!

And people in the comments agree with this sentiment. One person says,

“You two made a half funny joke hilarious. Loved it.”

Another commenter writes,

“The joke was funny, but them telling it was funnier.”

If you think about it, most jokes aren’t all that funny on paper.

It’s the energy of the person telling the joke and how to listener(s) respond!

Laughing is contagious. And this isn’t just a phrase, but there is actual science to back it up!

And in this case, you can tell that there is probably some family history with this joke, which makes it that much better.

You probably have some inside jokes of your own, whether, with family or friends, that will make you laugh just by thinking about it!

Be sure to watch the video below to hear the joke for yourself – they are both adorably hilarious!

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